A 17 -year- old Manitowoc male entered “not guilty” pleas yesterday in two separate cases. Nasario Rodriguez was taken into custody November sixth on two counts of misdemeanor bail jumping—possessing marijuana and misdemeanor battery of a child. He had been out on bail for a previous incident that occurred on September 29th on charges of possession of marijuana—obstructing an officer and resisting an officer. In his most recent case— an officer was in- the- area of the 1100 block of South 10th Street when Rodriguez was observed punching a minor in the head. The responding officer found the suspect hiding underneath a van. He initially ran but was stopped and taken into custody. Police also discovered twenty-point-five grams of suspected marijuana under the van that tested positive for THC. Rodriguez is free on $50 cash bail in each case. With a condition that he attend all required school hours. A settlement conference with the DA’s office is scheduled for January fifth with a plea date set for January 23rd.