It was the witnesses turn to speak yesterday at the trial of Dr. Charles Szyman, who was charged with 19 counts of drug traficking. One man stated that his wife went to Szyman to get relief for unending knee pain, and became a “walking zombie” due to the drugs she was prescribed. He stated, “You could tell she wasn’t just right when she was walking around … it was like she was drunk all the time.” Manitowoc County Coroner Curtis Green also took the stand to share his experience in the investigation of Heidi Buretta’s death in December 2014. According to Green, the result from Buretta’s autopsy indicated she died of mixed drug intoxication caused by several drugs that matched the types of medications she was prescribed by Szyman and other doctors. Each of the drug trafficking charges holds a possible maximum penalty of 20 years of imprisonment, a $1 million fine — or both — and up to three years supervision and assessment. The trial is expected to last through Thursday.