Female employees at Lincoln Hills say teen inmates routinely give sexual taunts to them — and they expose their genitals and masturbate in front of them. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says records and interviews have exposed the same type of sexual behavior by teen inmates that prompted a federal lawsuit in Chicago this month by employees objecting to their working conditions. Julie Giers, a guard for 20 years at the state’s institution for juvenile offenders, says she’s had an inmate grope her in the posterior — and she’s had teens masturbate in front of her “countless times” with lude comments made daily. Teacher Pandora Lobacz, who recently had an inmate punch her in the face, said law enforcement is looking into one boy who masturbated at his desk when she went to check on his schoolwork. The incidents are among numerous reported abuses by teen inmates that have been the subjects of a federal investigation that’s completing its third year.