The girlfriend of a Waukesha County man accused of killing the woman’s mother in Missouri will talk about the bizarre case on the Doctor Phil show. Gypsy Blanchard appears tomorrow (Tuesday) and Wednesday from the prison where she’s serving ten years for helping 28-year-old Nicholas Godejohn of Big Bend stab Dee Dee Blanchard in June of 2015 — and testimony in Godejohn’s trial is set to begin December eleventh in Springfield, Missouri. Reports say he met Blanchard online, and they talked about killing her mother for controlling her so much — while the mother convinced people that she suffered medical problems that bound her to a wheelchair. Sympathetic donors were said to have given money while assuming Gypsy was a victim of Hurricane Katrina, and both she and Godejohn reportedly took cash from a safe before heading to Big Bend where both were arrested. Blanchard struck a plea deal, and she’ll have to serve eight and a half years before being eligible for parole.