A environmental lobbyist says a Wisconsin bill to reduce air pollution enforcement would mean more hidden chemicals in the air that nobody knows about. Sara Barry spoke for Clean Wisconsin at a state Assembly hearing Tuesday on a G-O-P bill to limit the state’s air pollution enforcement only to chemicals that the federal E-P-A regulates. A new legislative report says Wisconsin now regulates 358 pollutants that Washington doesn’t — and the bill’s sponsors, Assembly Republican Jesse Kremer and Senator Duey Strobel, say it puts an undue burden on state businesses. They say about one quarter of those pollutants are not emitted in the Badger State. Also, lawmakers heard testimony on a G-O-P bill toshut down the state’s air pollution monitor at Kohler-Andre State Park in Sheboygan County — where a business group says it picks up ozone from Chicago, thus putting unfair limits on local air emissions.