State School Superintendent Tony Evers says he’s being forced to use lawyers of his political opponents in a lawsuit against him. Governor Scott Walker has blocked Evers from hiring his own attorney to defend him against a conservative group’s claims that he’s breaking the law by not having the Republican Walker approve the school agency’s administrative rules. Evers then wanted his department’s chief counsel to represent him, but Republican Attorney General Brad Schimel said no to that, insisting that Schimel’s Justice Department represent Evers. The State Supreme Court earlier ruled that Evers’ agency has the right to set its own rules because the voters elect the superintendent and they are his bosses — not the governor. Evers is running for governor as a Democrat against Walker next year — and Evers says both Walker and Schimel are playing politics while denying him his day in court, and he’ll ask the State Supreme Court to let him pick his own attorney.