If you think you’re seeing more dead deer along Wisconsin roadways, you’re not alone. Two straight mild winters reduced the numbers of deer dying from the cold — and since September, the job of picking up the dead animals changed from the state D-N-R to the Department of Transportation. The Madison Capital Times says 22 dead deer were spotted on a recent 72-mile drive on Interstate 94 between Madison and the Milwaukee/Waukesha county line. Highway maintenance coordinator Gary Wolf says his crews have seen “non stop” deer along Waukesha County roads all year. D-O-T spokeswoman Becky Kikkert says her agency has vendors that are supposed to pick up dead animals within two days after motorists report them. After the D-N-R ended the service, she says her agency approved new contracts with the vendors — and the service was restored within a week after Governor Scott Walker approved the change when he signed the budget.