Wisconsin hunters have shot their second lowest number of deer since 1982, and the state sold its fewest gun licenses since 1976. In preliminary data released Tuesday, the D-N-R said almost 196-thousand deer were registered for the nine day gun season that ended Sunday. That’s the lowest since 2014, when 192-thousand were shot. Media reports cite an increase in crossbow hunters, and sociologists have predicted a drop in hunting across the country as people spend less time outdoors. More than 588-thousand gun deer licenses were sold, ten-thousand fewer than last year — just the second time in 41 years that fewer than 600-thousand licensed hunters were in the woods. The buck harvest rose by one-percent in Wisconsin this year, but the antlerless total fell by two-percent, and the Northwoods was the only region to report an increase with a jump of 28-percent from last year due to mild winters and a now ended ban on doe hunting that was credited for increasing the deer herd.