The Manitowoc Board of Education held a special meeting earlier this week. Superintendent Mark Holzman told us there was a discussion of School Board candidacy, with two seats up for election next April. For those interested in serving on the board, Holzman said, “They can send a letter of application, or after December 1st, they can come to the District office and pick up the form and complete it. There is no nomination papers required. You don’t need to have so many people sign up, and there isn’t a zone. So it’s not like the Alderman’s District or something like that, where you have to live in the Manitowoc School District.” The Superintendent also said MSPD Athletic Director Dave Steavpack gave a report on the athletic program in the district saying, “He shared with us the participation numbers for student athletes in our fall sports. We’re rending a slight gain and holding firm on many of our sports, which is a good sign. We definitely know that co-curricular participation improves student engagement, it improves their opportunities to solve problems in the class room, it improves their attendance, and also improves their academic experience.” Holzman added that the District has instituted some programs that will help support fifth and sixth grade co-curricular activities at local elementary schools.