A unique grant program for first time home buyers is being launched by the city of Manitowoc. Mayor Justin Nickels told us at Seehafer News that it can be an economic development tool for the city. He said, “This is really a first time home buyer literally in the city. So it’s for those who don’t live in the city currently enticing them to move to the community.” Nickels says that the information will be dispersed to Human Resource departments, banks, businesses, and realtors to show the desire to attract people to the Lakeshore community. The Rules for the 1st time home buyer grant are simply “If you live in the house for five years, and it’s your first time in the city of Manitowoc buying a house, you get a $5,000 grant.” He told us that the city modeled their plan on a similar one implemented by the city of Oshkosh. The mayor explained. He went on to say that state law allows municipalities to extend TIF districts for one year to improve the housing stock of the community. The city hopes to implement the housing grant program at the start of 2018.