The Manitowoc Public School District will have a referendum question on the spring election ballot. Manitowoc Public School District Superintendent Mark Holzman explained saying, “This is the third and final year that the Manitowoc Public School District has a referendum. The recommendation that the committee will make to the full board includes going back in April to ask our tax payers if they would willing or interested in providing some resources financially to the Manitowoc Public School District.” The School District will be asking for an additional $3.5 million to help them continue to provide programs, identify infrastructure needs, and serve the students. Holzman explains how the money received from the State isn’t quite enough, saying, “The state provides us with about $200 per pupil…Each year that’s about $1 million, but our expenses are generally at minimum $1.6 million. Some of that depends on health insurance increases and other increases, but it’s a challenge to try to reduce different pieces and parts to try to be more efficient.” The referendum would also allow for a decrease in school property taxes over a three year period. Holzman said if the referendum fails, the district would have to consider laying off a portion of the faculty in order to save money.