On 2-9-18  between the hours fo 9 and 11 am, it was reported that a male described as approximately 5’7 with a stocky build wearing beige pants and a beige jacket, that resembled work clothing, approached a residence claiming to be from the water utility.  He stated that the victims residence was reported to be using excessive amounts of water and asked if he could look at the meter.

It was determined that this subject did not work for the Water Utility.  Sheboygan Water Utility employees wear blue uniforms and always have a name tag and identification visible.  Please be aware of possible scams and do not let anyone into your home without proper identification.  If you have any concerns please contact the utility company before letting someone into your home.

If someone should come to your residence please call you local Police Department. Also, please attempt to obtain a good description of the person and any vehicles associated with them.