The Manitowoc County Finance Committee had what was described as a “spirited discussion” by Paul Biff Hansen, the Finance Chair, regarding the proposed half percent sales tax. The tax has been a large talking point for quite some time now. With the deterioration of county roads becoming worse and worse, Hansen explained how the tax could help.


However some of the Committee members feel they should follow Sheboygan County’s example, and split the income between the municipalities, towns, villages and the county.  The committee is making contact with Sheboygan County representatives to get their insight into why they are splitting the money the way they are. Hansen is also fearful of another aspect of the diminishing road quality.


The obvious question is, what’s next?


County Executive Bob Zigelbauer has stated that he would veto the proposal, he will be challenged for his position in the upcoming Spring Election by Eric Sitkiewitz, who has said he would be open to hearing the proposal.