Over the past fifty years or so, robotics have made their way into a vast variety of industries. Some of the most exciting advancements have come in the medical field, and HSHS St. Vincent of Green Bay has just added another piece of robotic surgical equipment to their ever expanding catalog. Neurosurgeon Dr. Hoon Choi told us about that new piece of equipment, the ExcelciusGPS.


As far as the cost of a procedure with the new system…


While St. Vincent is very excited for the implementation of the new system, and are thrilled to see where the technology will go, Dr. Choi says nothing beats a traditional doctor patient relationship.


Dr. Choi told us that he is looking forward to seeing how the system will help make brain surgeries better as well The ExcelciusGPS is one of four pieces of robotic surgical equipment own by HSHS St. Vincent, and is one of fewer than 20 in existence. It is also the only one in Wisconsin.