Smile! You’re on Candid Camera! Those words have been a part of pop culture for 80 years, 70 of which were on television. To celebrate this phenomenal feat of longevity, the crew behind the show will be touring the nation with the stage version, entitled “8 Decades of Smiles”. The first stop for the tour will be at the Capitol Civic Center this weekend in Manitowoc. Peter Funt is a main force behind the show today, and he is very excited to begin the celebration.

The show began under a little different identity.

With the TV show requiring the playing of prerecorded incidents, some may be wondering how that would translate to the stage.

Peter is continuing the family tradition by bringing his son Danny and his niece Katie on the road with him. This will not be the first tour of the stage show. The Candid Camera team toured last year as well, but never made the trip to Wisconsin. Funt said that is exactly why they decided to begin here. There are still tickets available for the Candid Camera anniversary show on Saturday, starting at $28. Buy your today at