A March 6th military hearing will determine whether formal charges will be filed against a Marine private accused of stabbing a fellow Marine to death on January 16th.  Private First Class Marine Ethan Barclay-Weberpal was ambushed by a fellow Marine at the Pendleton military camp outside San Diego. Military investigators say his killer was a service member assigned to the same unit.

Barclay-Weberpal attended high school in Whitewater and Janesville.

The name of the suspect hasn’t been released.  For now, he is protected by the uniform code of military justice, but the name will be released at the Tuesday hearing.

A gofundme page was set up by Ethan’s family in January, to offset costs as the family was uncertain what kind of benefits they would receive. In just 1 month the family exceeded their goal of $10,000. An update stated that there may be some additional benefits coming to them. After all death expenses are paid the remaining money will be used towards a scholarship for veterans in Ethan’s name.

From the family’s gofundme.com page

“When we originally created this campaign, it was uncertain what benefits the family would receive. We’ve been told that on top of the standard death benefit there is also likely a life insurance policy, as well. Because of this, any funds from this campaign not used for family expenses will go toward a scholarship for veterans to be set up in Ethan’s name. Thank you all for your support.”