A Manitowoc man was arrested yesterday after attempting to steal a TV from Walmart. A Manitowoc Police Officer had pulled into the Walmart parking lot at around 5:30 PM, when he saw a man, later identified as 28 year old Tyler Lindstrom, fleeing the building with a television. The officer followed Lindstrom, and pulled up next to him on South 39th Street. The officer ordered him to stop, but he failed to comply. The officer then got out of his vehicle and drew his TAZER, and Lindstrom began to comply. According to the loss prevention employee at Walmart, Lindstrom grabbed the TV, and made his way to the drinking fountain at the front of the store. He then, without paying, began walking out the door. He was stopped by the employee, who asked for a receipt. He then began to run. Lindstrom has been charged with Felony Retail Theft, Obstructing a Police Officer, and Misdemeanor Bail Jumping.