Manitowoc Fire crews responded to a fire early this morning. Fire Chief Todd Blaser was on hand.


Fifteen firefighters were on hand from the Manitowoc Fire Department, but they were not alone.


We also spoke with Lt. Terri Olson from the Salvation Army, who was on hand.


The names of the residence have not been released, but Chief Blaser told us they were able to escape the building unharmed. All fire crews on hand also remained uninjured. The damage cost and cost are both unknown at this time.


*UPDATE 3/5/2018 10:45 AM*

The cause of the blaze has been determined. According to Fire Chief Todd Blaser, the careless discarding of a cigarette butt was determined to have started the fire.  Additionally, Manitowoc Fire Crews utilized the MABAS, or Mutural Aid Box Alarm System, and received additional help from the Rockwood, and Silver Creek Fire departments. Chief Blaser also wanted to emphasize to be careful when discarding cigarette butts. We are getting to the time of the year when grass is beginning to dry out, and is more prone to catch fire. Be sure to fully extinguish the butt, and utilize an ashtray. He also wanted to note that the fire alarms in the home were in full working order.