The 22nd annual Ice Show presented by the Manitowoc Figure Skating Club will be performed at the Manitowoc County Ice Center this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Dave Pawlowski is Vice-President of the M-C-F-S-C.


Pawlowski explains that the Ice Center is transformed into a ‘stage…with scenery & props, lights sound and music.


The 4-shows will feature 130 local skaters, ages three through adults, including all levels of performers.  They’ve been under the watchful eye of Ice Show Director, ‘Chris’ Pawlowski.


Tickets to M-C-F-S-C Academy can be purchased at the Ice Center during evening rehearsals Tuesday and Wednesday from 5-to-7, or at the door prior to each show. Tickets are $8 for adults and $3-dollars for children 12 and under.