Bail was modified today  from $500 cash to $500 recognizance bond for a 46-year-old Manitowoc man who was taken into custody in February after allegedly saying he was going to kill a Manitowoc police officer.

Felony charges against Charles A. Hunt were also reduced to misdemeanors which include an attempt to throw bodily fluid at an officer, disorderly conduct and obstruction of an officer.

Police reports say that Hunt came to the police station early the morning of February 21st saying someone was trying to harm him. He was taken inside claiming he was homeless and had nowhere to go. That’s when Hunt began speaking about harming another officer and making threats towards him. Police also state that Hunt was tased after ignoring officer commands to back down and was taken into custody.

Bail conditions include that Hunt maintain absolute sobriety—possess no dangerous weapons and report to the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department daily by 6 p.m. A settlement conference with the District Attorney’s Office is scheduled for April 20th.