The Manitowoc Public Safety Chaplain Program works with law enforcement, providing timely support through spiritual comfort, hope, and wisdom for our community. They have a long list of responsibilities, including assisting officers with death notifications, consoling family members of the deceased, and assisting during instances involving suicide. Matt Sauer is the Co-pastor for the Manitowoc Cooperative Ministry.


Ruthann Ross is the Pastoral Associate for St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Parish, and while she is new to the area, wanted to help out right away.


While the City of Two Rivers has a program similar to Manitowoc’s, Sauer says his team is always willing to help.


While the program does a lot with post incident counseling, they are also on hand for some incidents as well.


Ross wanted to make one thing very clear to the other pastors in the area.


The program will go through yearly training as well with Greg Young, who is the FBI and Germantown Chaplain. Sauer and Ross have been working very hard to integrate themselves into the law enforcement community, so officers, deputies, and firefighters will feel more comfortable to talk with them.