Well over 100 students and adults attended the prayer vigil in the Village of Reedsville last night. It was held at the Gathering Place , where everyone prayed for the family of 17 year old Jevon Lemke who remains missing following a swimming accident  Sunday while on vacation near Fort Morgan Alabama. Antonio Butturini, Superintendent of Schools at Reedsville reflected on the closeness of the community of 1200 people.


Butturini spoke with praise about Lemke.


The Reedsville school administrator said he talked with Jevon’s stepmom on Monday.


Butturini said the tragedy is another reminder about the frailty of human life.


Extra counselors have been available this week to help Reedsville students try to deal with the tragic situation. The superintendent said as a school family, they will continue to provide the help and guidance to anyone who needs it. He also said they are grateful to the surrounding communities who have assisted them with the situation. At the end of last night’s candlelight vigil, Tyler Seehaefer, youth director at Wayside Lutheran Church said “Christ loves us. Right now, I know that’s the only thing I can find comforting. I don’t know why bad things happen, but God’s got this.”


A news conference will begin at 3 pm today (Wednesday) by local officials in Alabama in regards to the search for Jevon Lemke.