A  man who reported he was robbed last weekend by a friend in Manitowoc has been charged with two counts of obstructing an officer. Manitowoc Police Captain Jason Frieboth (free-both) says Austin Fendrick has been taken into custody while armed robbery charges against Gavin Schlaeger (schlayh-ger) have been dismissed. Captain Frieboth says that Fendrick called police about 11:30 last Sunday morning to report that he was robbed at gun point at the Baymont Inn by Schlaeger. Follow-up interviews and reviews of digital phone records led to investigators discovering inconsistencies in Fendrick’s story.  He eventually admitted he fabricated the story to both law enforcement and his mother because his vehicle ran out of gas and thought she would not help him get back home.  There’s no word on when Fendrick will appear in court.