The Spring Election is tomorrow, and there are plenty of items on the ballot, even if there are only three contested races. Michael Schrenock and Rebecca Dallet are battling for the Justice of the Supreme Court position, while Ralph Sczygelski and Jeilyn Dietz are both trying to fill the Circuit Court Judge seat for Branch 2. Lastly, for the county wide contested races Incumbent Bob Ziegelbauer is defending his County Executive position against challenger Eric Sitkiwitz. The Village Trustee position is also up for grabs in the villages of Whitelaw and Reedsville. Jane Wallander, Barney McCulley, Randy Christiansen, and James Kronschnabel are all vying for the position in Whitelaw, while the Reedsville position is being sought after by Patty Schreiber, Jack Siebert, Chad Rataichek, and Becky Busse. There are also many Referendums on the ballot. We will go into detail about the Referendums on municipal ballots throughout the county tomorrow.