As we prepare our shovels for the incoming snow, polling stations are preparing for you to arrive to cast your vote in the Spring Election. On top of several contested races,  there are also many referendums that will appear on ballots throughout the county. The only one to appear on all ballots is a state referendum looking to eliminate the state treasurer position. In Manitowoc, there are two referendums up for a vote. The first asks if the Town Clerk/Treasurer be appointed to the Town Board, while the second is for the Manitowoc Public School District. They are looking exceed the limit set forth by Section 121.91of the Wisconsin Statutes by $3.5 million annually through 2021. Several other School Districts have similar proposals up for a vote. Under the same Section, Kiel is looking to exceed revenue spending limits by $840,000, while Valders looks to go over by $55,000. Pursuant to Chapter 67 of the Wisconsin Statutes, Brillion looks to go over spending limits by $5.6 million, Kiel by 10.4 million, and Valders by $6.375 million.