According to a report from the Green Bay Police Department, a man has been posing as a water utility worker in order to gain access to homes.  There have been two instances of this occurring, one on Doblin Street and the other on Juniper Street. The man told the residents that he needed to check the water meter, and after looking at it, would tell the resident to stay there and watch it while he goes to grab something out of his vehicle. That is when he would reportedly take things from the home, and leave. One victim described the man as being in his 50’s, wearing a tan jacket and driving a green truck. The other victim reported he was in his 30’s, standing 5’6” tall, with a medium build, blonde hair, and wearing a yellow jacket. Authorities say that legitimate Water Department employees will have proper identification, and if you believe you are being scammed, you should contact the water department to verify the authenticity of the visit.