Manitowoc Police arrested a man after he abducted a dancer from the Top Hat Lounge. The owner of the club arrived to open up at around 3:00 PM, and noticed a vehicle was parked outside. He reviewed the security footage, and witnessed one of the dancers get pulled into a vehicle by a man identified as her ex-boyfriend.

The dancer arrived at the bar just after 4:00 PM, and told police she was taken against her will by the man. The man drove her to his home, while talking to himself under his breath, and threatening to cut off the dancer’s finger, which had a ring on it. Once at the home, the man instructed the dancer to go into his room. He then punched the door multiple times, and broke off the handle. She was able to calm the man down enough to get him to drop her off with her family. During the trip, he allegedly wrapped his hand around her throat.

After making several calls, police were able to locate the man and place him under arrest. He is now facing charges of False Imprisonment, Disorderly Conduct, and Strangulation.