This week delegates from the Wisconsin Restaurant Association (WRA) traveled to Washington, D.C. to give a voice to Wisconsin’s restaurant industry. During the visit, WRA President and CEO Kristine Hillmer joined a group of local restaurant and small business leaders to discuss the policy challenges the industry currently faces, along with the rewarding opportunities that careers in Wisconsin restaurants offer.


“The decisions made in Washington have an immense impact on the people of our industry, from the student in Madison working at a diner while also earning her degree to the small business owner interested in opening his first restaurant. The restaurant industry is woven into the fabric of every local economy in Wisconsin. Our doors are open for business and we’re training individuals at every level as we continue to strengthen what is already the strongest workforce in the country.” saidKristine Hillmer.


The restaurant leaders met with several members of the Wisconsin Congressional Delegation, including Senators Tammy Baldwin and Ron Johnson, and Representatives Jim Ssensenbrenner and Glen Grothman. The meetings provided the chance for policymakers and their staff to hear directly from Wisconsin job creators to ensure they have the state’s best interest in mind when working on future legislation that could be the difference in the sustainability of our state’s industry.