Since 1993 WPS has been involved in the peregrine falcon recovery efforts. They saw their first chick hatch in their nesting boxes back in 1996.

On Tuesday, their 100th peregrine falcon egg hatched inside the nest box at the WPS Pulliam Power Plant in Green Bay. The energy company also has another nesting box at their Weston Power Plant. WPS is helping the species grow and recover in Wisconsin. Peregrine falcons were once near extinction.

You can view a live stream of the falcon chicks in their nest boxes on the company’s YouTube Channel.

The chick’s names will be chosen from entries made by area school children.



In addition to their nest box at the Pulliam Power Plant, they are also waiting for four more eggs to hatch inside their Weston Power Plant nest box. Below you can see a photo of the eggs.


Weston peregrine falcons with four eggs May 2 2018.JPG