That is the sound of the start of a very close gunny sack race which was a part of the 67th annual Safety Patrol Picnic at Silver Creek Park in Manitowoc yesterday. Over 500 students from Manitowoc Schools swarmed the park to enjoy a day in the sun, and to attempt to earn a multitude of prizes. We spoke with Rodger Lodel, who was the man in charge.



He went on to tell us how the picnic got its start.



While the day is a day of fun and activities for the children, there is a faint resemblance of order.



After all the boring stuff, there is a plethora of fun activities for them.



While Lodel is in charge of the event, the day could not be as successful without the army of volunteers, including, Bill Truttschel, who has helped out for the past five years.



Lodel told us that the children that attend the event tend to walk away with many amazing memories.



Some of the prizes other prizes that were given away included a boat load of candy, and a table filled with a large assortment of goodies