On Monday May 21st the Manitowoc Common Council will consider a motion to suspend District 10 Alderman Rhieanna Gabriel from responsibilities on standing committees she serves but, not removal from serving on the Council. Gabriel would continue to vote on issues at Common Council meetings. This possible action stems from inappropriate conduct with a Manitowoc City employee. The possible censure may also include a clause that Gabriel not meet with any city staff without a previously scheduled meeting and agenda. 

In a statement sent to us on Wednesday, Gabriel wrote; “The action of the Committee of the Whole is not about disciplining alleged misconduct. It is about silencing my voice.” 

On April 19th, the Manitowoc Police Department issued Alderperson Rhieanna Gabriel a written warning for disorderly conduct and a written warning for loitering and prowling in connection with at least one incident in which Gabriel had trespassed on a City Employees property and left beer on a doorstep.

Gabriel has been advised by Council Members and the City Attorney about bypassing Department heads and contacting employees directly. This situation has caused confusion and lost time by city workers.

Another issue was an email sent by Gabriel after a meeting with the City Attorney and the victim to solve the sequence of improper encounters. In that email, Gabriel inferred possible reprisal writing; “I will keep this in mind for future decision-making”.

Gabriel email.JPG


In the statement that was sent to our newsroom, Gabriel finished with; “It appears as though this has made some people uneasy. Regardless, I will still endeavor to ask the questions that need to be asked.”  

The disciplinary vote against District 10 Alderman Rhieanna Gabriel will take place this Monday May 21st during the regular meeting of the Manitowoc Common.