The Manitowoc Police Department has teamed with the nation’s Department of Homeland Security in an effort to educate and inform citizens on the importance of Public Safety. Lt. Karl Puestow says they (the city) joined the “If you see something—say something initiative in part due to the recent string of school shootings nationwide.

Puestow—a member of the city’s Safety Committee—says their goal is to help ensure that all employees and workplaces are provided a “safe and happy” environment. Unfortunately—tragedies—including the shooting that took 10 lives at Santa Fe high school in Texas—are becoming far too common. He says a speaker from Homeland Security paid a visit earlier this month to the Manitowoc Public Library.

The MPD Lt. adds that it can be a “fine line” in regards to invading an individual’s privacy.

Puestow says early feedback has been “very positive” and emphasizes that citizen involvement is a “huge component” of their effort to combat or eliminate any possible threat. For more information, log onto or contact your local law enforcement agency.