For over 60 years Manitowoc and the Holiday House have been joined at the proverbial hip. This will continue for the foreseeable future but with some soon to be revealed “exciting and fresh changes”. Plans are to unveil the new name and logo for the iconic Manitowoc business with a ribbon cutting and open house on Wednesday June 13th at 4 p.m.  The Holiday House was founded in 1957 by B.J. Halvorsen, centering around a core set of individuals who made wreaths for Christmas money, operating out of a club-house type building thus the name Holiday House. Executive Director Deanna Genske says during her research she came across an article written by Halvorsen in 1961 suggesting that the name–Holiday House—didn’t quite adequately describe what was going on inside.

Genske says the community has always been curious of what the name “Holiday House” entailed.

Genske adds it’s vital that their vision is always “community first” centered.


For more information call 682-4463—visit or visit their Facebook page.