There’s a lot of “tall grass” property owners in Manitowoc must maintain or face several hundred dollars in fines. A press release from the Manitowoc City Clerk’s Office says they’ve received “many long- grass” complaints in recent days which is in violation of a City Ordinance requiring lawns be moved below eight inches and all “noxious weeds” be removed. A $300 minimum assessment will be issued for the first offense with minimum $300 increment increase per assessment up to $900 over a three-year period. A 48-hour written notice maybe placed on an entrance door on the primary building or if vacant placed where it’s visible from an adjacent sidewalk or road. If the responsible party fails to meet the requirement the city or its contractor “shall be empowered” to enter and perform work on the property to return it back to code. Property owners have the right to appeal the decision by filing a written appeal to the Board of Public Works within 20 days of the date of the control activity. Questions or concerns can be addressed by calling 686-6550