The City of Manitowoc is reminding citizens that they are required, by law, to keep their lawns mowed below 8 inches and noxious weeds must be removed. The procedure for notifying property owners regarding noxious weeds (including grasses, lawns or weeds of any kind over 8 inches) has changed.  Upon receipt of the first noxious weed complaint of the season, a 48-hour written notice to destroy noxious weeds on the violating property will be issued. If the party responsible for the property fails to destroy the noxious weeds within 48 hours after receiving written notice, the City or its contractor shall be empowered to enter upon public and private lands and cut or remove noxious weeds, at a cost to the land owner. The minimum assessment for the first offense will be $300, second offense will be a minimum of $600 and the third offense a minimum of $900 over a period of three years. All subsequent violations will be acted upon without notice. For more information, visit the Public Infrastructure section of