The Manitowoc Police Department has announced the results of the 2018 “Click It or Ticket” Campaign. From May 21st through June 3rd, The Department cracked down on drivers not wearing their seatbelts, in an attempt to stress the importance of clicking in. According to Captain Jason Freiboth, during that stretch officers made a total of 182 self-initiated traffic stops that resulted in 87 traffic citations and 151 written warnings. Only four citations for people failing to wear their seatbelts were actually written however.  Wisconsin’s safety belt use rate is approximately 89.4% – an all-time high for the state. Still, this lags behind the national average of 90.1%.   The Manitowoc Police Department would like to remind vehicle occupants that consistent safety belt use is the single most effective way to protect people from being ejected from a vehicle during a crash.