A jury trial is under way in Sheboygan County Court for a woman accused of harming a child and mistreating dozens of animals.  Christie Tuchel was charged last October after investigators found two freezers full of dead dogs and 36 other dogs who were malnourished at her kennel.  The criminal complaint says Tuchel left her teenage son to care for the dogs, and couldn’t go near the kennel because it would trigger her P-T-S-D.  The teen told investigators the family was unable to provide food for the 36 live dogs on a regular basis, while the dead dogs found in the freezers were put in there after they died from malnutrition, fights, a flood, and being put down. The teen said he became depressed by how he had to care for the animals, and called the freezers a “big chest of death.” Last fall, Tuchel filed a lawsuit against the Humane Society for taking the animals.