The results are in and the man that will be finishing out Frank Lasse’s term in the 1st Senate District will be Caleb Frostman of Green Bay. Reports indicate that it was a closely contested race, with Frostman only receiving about 1,000 more votes than Andre Jacque out of De Pere.  Jacque actually did very well in Manitowoc County, receiving around 600 more votes and another 600 in Brown County, but fell behind in Door County, being outvoted by almost 2,000 votes. The remaining three counties, Calumet, Kewaunee, and Outagamie Counties were basically a wash, with Frostman only gaining a couple hundred vote lead in all three counties combined.  The Assemblyman was very appreciative of every voter that made their way out to vote for him.

Most Counties have reported a low voter turnout, including Manitowoc, with only 21% of eligible voters turning up. The Town of Two Creeks saw the highest voter turnout, with 35%. After the results came in last night, Jacque thanked all of his supporters, especially his mother & father.


Jacque reflected on some factors in his loss to Frostman.



Even though the former Door County Economic Development Corporation director is expected to take office later this month and narrow the Republican majority in the Senate the Legislature is not scheduled to be in session for the remainder of the year.


While both Frostman and Jacque will soon be on the campaign trail ahead of the November election, the De Pere Republican has opposition in an August Primary from Bill Nauta of Washington Island.