Caleb Frostman is now holding the 1st Senate District seat after defeating 2nd District Assemblyman Andre Jacque in a special election. We were able to make contact with the newly elected Senator, to ask him what he attributes to his victory.


With no sessions planned for the remained of the year, we asked Frostman what he will actually be doing during that time.


Speaking of November, which is when a proper election will occur to see who will sit for a full term, Frostman explained how he plans to combat the overwhelming loss he suffered in both Manitowoc and Brown Counties, where he lost by 600 votes apiece.


He went on to explain what he plans to do if he is elected into a full term come November.


Frostman also has a close connection to the opioid crisis in the area.


Frostman defeated Jacque by nearly one thousand votes, in big part due to Door County, where he won by nearly 2,000.