More information has been released regarding the death of a 13 year old Appleton girl that is being blamed on the alleged neglectful behavior of her mother, Nicole Gussert. The girl, who has been identified as Brianna Gussert, suffered from cognitive disabilities which left her unable to care for herself. Briana was a student at James Madison Middle School, who have reported that she was absent for an astounding 162 days of school during her final year. While that is a large number of absences, Nicole was always able to provide a seemingly legitimate reason for the absence. There was an odd occurrence on May 22nd, when Nicole informed the school that Brianna would not be at school that whole week. Another unusual part of that week was that Nicole did not answer calls from the school nurse. The following week, on May 29th, Nicole went into Briana’s room after allegedly not checking on her for a few days to find her deceased. Nicole Gussert has been charged with one count of child neglect resulting in death and three counts of possession with intent to deliver amphetamines.